Professional Recommendations

Matthew Rumsey

“Each production (of Matthew’s) fulfills the authors’ intentions and effectively showcases the talents with whom he is working… It is typical of Matthew to seek every opportunity to polish his skills, constantly working to add new ones to his already bountiful roster.”

– Wayne Bryan
Producing Artistic Director/Music Theatre of Wichita

“Matthew Rumsey is a Director for whom I will clear my schedule in order to be a part of any project he is developing. I have collaborated with him…and can tell you that he is a creative ‘original’, a Director with vision, has abilities to see a space in full dimension, understands design aesthetic and practices open and supportive collaboration.”

– Michael Downs
Critically Acclaimed Set Designer

“He understands and appreciates the practical side of a project and helps develop fresh, detailed and vibrant solutions to his projects (both new and classical) with an understanding of labor, materials and schedule.”

-Michael Downs
Critically Acclaimed Set Designer

“His ability to connect with his actors and pull something authentic and new from each of them is exciting to watch. I personally enjoy working with Matthew very much. His direction is strong and his enthusiasm for promoting collaboration among the artistic staff is rewarding.”

– Jesse Warkentin
Music Director

“He presents the perfect balance between  specific blocking and an actor’s artistic choice of character on stage. He constantly tells his actors to “play” and “take risks” which, as an actor, is a wonderful thing to hear.”

– Colin Anderson, actor

Next to Normal

“With this brilliant production of the 2010 Pulitzer Prize-winning musical Next to Normal, Crown Uptown Theatre firmly establishes itself in the top echelon of Wichita entertainment with the likes of Music Theatre of Wichita and Theater League.”

– Bob Curtright
Theatre Critic

“Directed by Matthew Rumsey with a sterling cast, this production — a Wichita and Kansas premiere — is the sort of involving, engaging show that could confidently open in much larger metropolitan venues and be assured of rave reviews. It’s just that thrilling and that indelible…”

– Wichita Eagle

“Director Rumsey keeps the pace brisk but not rushed as the story unfolds — and the emotions unravel.”

– Wichita Eagle

“Instead, the 2010 Pulitzer Prize-winning musical will be a solid, meat-and-potatoes tale with thought-provoking depth and complexity that won’t be dismissed or quickly forgotten.”

“…that’s just the way that Crown’s artistic director Matthew Rumsey wants it in order to establish his theater as a major arts player on the Wichita scene — as well as a pleasant evening out.”

– Bob Curtright

A Chorus Line

“Directed by Matthew Rumsey, the show is broken into two acts rather than run straight through as usual. Surprisingly, that doesn’t trip up the pace even for purists because Rumsey found a natural break that makes dramatic sense. He keeps the show firmly set in 1975 without trying to update cultural touchstones like Ed Sullivan, “Peyton Place” or Troy Donahue. But the show doesn’t feel either dated or nostalgic…..”

– Curtright

“Rumsey…make(s) this show as fresh, surprising, thrilling and relevant as it was on opening night 37 years ago.”

– Wichita Eagle

Steel Magnolias

“Directed with subtlety and affection by Matthew Rumsey, it achieves a cozy intimacy that welcomes us into the ladies’ inner circle to sit a spell and take a load off….”

– Wichita Eagle

“To the actresses’ credit (and director Rumsey’s), they don’t try to imitate Field or Roberts, who had the roles in the movie. They achieve their own characterizations with the same material.”

You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown

“Crown Uptown’s colorful, playful and insightful new version of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” proves that you never are too young to understand the wit and wisdom of those pint-sized philosophers from Charles M. Schulz’s “Peanuts” — or too old to still feel the wonder of discovery.”

– Wichita Eagle

White Christmas

“Crown Uptown Professional Dinner Theatre has bounced back convincingly under new ownership and new artistic leadership with the opening show, Irving Berlin’s White Christmas, and the word “professional” in the title has never been more appropriate.”

– Bob Curtright

“Directed by Matthew Rumsey, the show moved at a crisp pace with energetic production numbers”

“Beautifully conceived and handled.” –Wichita Eagle

Wizard of Oz

“…unexpected and happy surprises of the new production of “The Wizard of Oz” at Crown Uptown Theatre.”

– Curtright